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Shamwow! Towels

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I'm a sucker for informercials. I mean really, wouldn't this be a perfect world if every product featured did exactly what they claim it does? And their catch phrase "But wait... there is more!" usually has me bouncing up and down with glee. Meanwhile I have yet to come across a product that is actually as miraculous as they make it out to be. But, I have to be honest, the Shamwow! towels come pretty close!

It's a set of four small towels and four big towels that feel a lot like chamois (good oldfashioned window cleaning cloths) and claim to absorb 21 times their own weight in liquid. I don't have any sophisticated means of checking this, but they sure absorb a lot. The small towel will absorb up to half a cup of water (yes, I actuallly measured it). It dries things quickly and effortlessly without leaving streaks, works wonders with window cleaner on class, and when you simply rinse it out under the tap it is fresh again, it doesn't build up this musty kind of smell that you get with regular cloths. They can be machine washed, just not with fabric softener, you can bleach them, and they come with a ten year warranty. I can only see two downsides to this product. One, the smell. They have a very distinctive odor typical of chamois that would probably not bother most people, but my pregnancy-induced bionic nose finds it offensive. And two, you can't put them in the dryer. Other than that, the Shamwow! towels are definitely something I would recommend. For more info, visit http://www.shamwow.com/product.html.