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Shark Hand Held Steam Cleaner

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Shark Household Steam Sanitize Cleaner

I picked up this steam cleaner so that I wouldn't have to soak my dishes before washing them [I hate soaking dishes] and for that use it rocks! Albeit for $30 more I could order one with a bigger tank on it but I bought this one in store because if anything goes wrong with it I can return it and get another one. I've been using it for 3 months with no problems and I don't expect there to be any.

The tank gives you 20-30 minutes of steam which is more than enough to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. The cleaner comes with a high pressure head, a 3ft extension hose, two scrubber heads, and two "power duster" heads.

The good: It heats up and is pumping steam in 20 seconds flat. It cleans almost anything that you throw at it. It has tons more uses than just cleaning the kitchen. It is also really portable, about the size of a gallon jug. The steam will also sanitize anything it touches, great if you need something to be really, really clean. You can also use the steamer to steam your face and open your pores so that you can clean your face!

The bad: you need to have the trigger pulled to create the steam, thats ok if you aren't using the extension hose but if you are it can get complicated. I just used the twist tie that held the power cord together to hold the trigger down when I'm using the hose, it's kind of ghetto but it works for me.

Also if you don't use purified water it will leave mineral spots on dishes or windows when it dries. Not a problem for me but some people might not like it.

overall the steamer rocks if you don't mind it being a little ghetto. It will clean, sanitize, even cook an egg [I just wanted to see if I could...I could] so go out and get one!

Some things that someone pointed out that I thought I should add:

The steamer works by superheating water to create one of the best cleaning devices available. The steam lifts off even the hardest dirt and grime so that you can easily wipe it away with a cloth.

It is like a handheld version of the steam mop but with more accessories, you can even use the duster attachment as a mop if you would like.


At the nozzle the steam will instantly scald you, its hot...but the further away you get from the nozzle the cooler the steam gets. use the cool steam to steam your face.

regular tap water will function fine in this product [it is all I use] however it will leave impurity spots on glass.