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Shark Steam Mop A Daily Life Saver!!

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By mrs_joshica on
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I was up late one night, and for me, shark steam mop was an "impulse buy". However, the shark steam mop would prove to be the best "impulse buy" I had ever made. My home has ceramic tile everywhere, and hard wood floors at the front door, and if the mop worked like they said, this would be one of the best investments I had ever made in my life. Upon my first use of the steam mop I was impressed. Putting the mop together was very simple and done in a flash. It truly takes 30 seconds or less for the mop to go from water to steam. I can honestly say that the mop was almost instantly ready. This mop cleaned the floors impeccably! The floors do dry in seconds and there is no extreme odors from chemicals or what you would normally get from using a mop and bucket. The steam mop is exceptionally lightweight and easy to maneuver.

The cons of the steam mop. The steam mop needs small scouring areas on the pads for anything dried up on the floor because you have to continue to go back and forth with the mop otherwise. The steam mop needs some type of corner attachment because I would love to be able to clean my corners the way it allows me to clean my floors. The containment area for the water needs to be a little bigger to allow you the means to mop more rooms without putting more water in at first. However, going from water to steam is so quick and simple its not a chore to do. The attachment for steaming your carpet really needs to have a place to lock or click in b/c otherwise it keeps coming apart when you push back and forth. Also, the steam mop is not so good for thick, lush carpets because they seem to hold the moisture longer keeping the carpet damp.

Given both the pros and the cons, I LOVE this mop. I would not use it on my carpet, no expect it to get up messes that are totally ground in without some effort, but for parents and people who do mop daily as a part of their routine, this is the perfect accessory for every day use. Save your mop and bucket for the "special occasions" and big messes, and relieve yourself from back breaking work.