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Shark Tale

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By 999frights on
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Will Smith plays Oscar, a fish who works at a Whale Wash. He has big dreams of amking something out of himself. He is out in the sea when he comes across Lenny, played by Jack Black. Lenny is a vegeterian shark and refuses to kill, much to the frustration of his mafia like shark family. Lenny's brother Frankie is supposed to teach Lenny to kill. When Lenny and Oscar meet up, Frankie goes to "take care" of Oscar because Lenny won't do it. Well, an anchor hit Frankie, killing him. No one saw the anchor and everyone thought Oscar killed him. Now, Oscar is called the Sharkslayer. Oscar eats up the attention and plays the role of Hero. Lenny hides out with Oscar because he wants to hide from his family. Lenny is the only one who knows that Oscar is not a sharkslayer.

I loved this movie because of the characters. There were so many celebrity voices in this movie. I especially liked that each character actually looked like the actor playing the part. Katie Couric had a small part and that fish looked so much like her. It was amazing. And Lenny's father - no mistaking him for Robert DeNiro, even if I hadn't hear his voice. Some of the other voices in this movie are Renee Zellweger, Angelina Jolie, and Martin Scorsese.

I have only looked through the extra features a little bit, but they are pretty good. They include bloopers and some games and activities.