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Sharp Aquos 42 In. Widescreen

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Having been in a rather conservative family, we had a very small TV even long after the giant home-theater craze had started. However, it was only a matter of time before we decided to get one too. It was no longer practical for us to be squinting a the tiny TV we had when we were watching intense movies such as "I Am Legend, " or "The Dark Knight."

So we started researching. We were able to find this TV, the Sharp Aquos 42 inch, for around $1300 - that's a couple hundred cheaper than you would find it anywhere else - so after some discussion and more research, we bought it. Carrying it into our car was surprisingly easy - it was quite light and not too bulky for too people to carry.

It was pretty easy to install - not idiot proof, but close. Turning it on, we were pleasantly surprised by how clear the TV was. We don't have a Bluray player (yet), but watching high definition channels result in shockingly Sharp (not pun intended) images.

There are a few minor problems with the Sharp Aquos 42 inch. There is several "power saving" features on the TV that result in the screen dimming for seemingly no reason in the middle of a movie. Also, there is a technology that is supposed to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen depending on the scene you're watching in a movie - it it's a dark scene, it's supposed to brighten the screen, and vice versa. However, this seemed to work backwards, making the bright scenes brighter and the dark scenes darker. We like the movie just as it is, without any brightening or darkening in the middle of it, but we (still) can't quite seem to figure out how to disable it. When we disable it on the TV, sometimes it still does it, and sometimes when we don't disable it at all it doesn't do it. Needless to say, it's quite annoying but really no reason to not buy the TV.

This is a great TV we got for the amount it cost us, but with the price of LCD widescreens going around all the time, I wouldn't recommend it unless you find it on a good sale/discount. Happy shopping!