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Sharp El 520 W

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By shiangsta on
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The Sharp EL-520W is an what I would call simple and elegant. Available in both in the conventional black and futuristic white, this is a calculator perfect for an undergraduate math or engineering student or just a plain highschooler who decides to carry a weapon wielding more power than he even realizes.

It is by no means the programmable calculators that your everyday startrek enthusiasts use to graph their favorite multivariable vector functions. And no, it is far more than just hunk of junk that you carry around just to calculate tips. it comes with all the important features you'd look for in a calculator, and offers handy additions at the touch of a button. Putting aside, the sines, cosines, tangents, we're talking a full out calculator that can handle quadratic and cubic functions. Now you don't have to worry about calculating the roots with the quadratic formula, the calculator will do it for you! Cubic functions which may have seemed to be impossible to workout using pen and paper is also a breeze. It also has the much needed imaginary numbers feature (trust me, it's not fun conjugating complex numbers). What I like the most about this calculator is its storage for typed numbers. At the top, the calculator display all of the arithmetic you have typed in so that you can go back and check on your mistakes just incase the numbers come out fishy. No more retyping, what more can you ask for?!

The only thing I do find troublesome with this calculator is its buttons. Numbers and Symbols sometimes do not register if the user presses the buttons too quickly. This however is compensated by the safty net of the "tracking history" mentioned earlier.

This calculator is a lifesaver for the clumsiest button pressers and still useful for some of the most demanding mathmaticians. All in all, it is a wonderful piece of equipment for those of you who are mathematically challenged or welcome mathematical challenges.