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Sharp Standard Definition 27 Inch Flat Screen Tv

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Jessica NE By Jessica NE on
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Well we got this tv as a Christmas gift from my mother in law which was a great surprise because we really needed a new tv. The one we had was a 19 inch I had had for years and was really on its last legs. This one is 20 times better and has some really great features.

First off, this tv is fully customizable as far as color, picture, contrast, etc. and you can actually save these presets. It can be changed from the standard 4:3 ratio to the widescreen type for movies that are made standard but you want to see in letterbox.

Some other neat features on this tv are the V-chip, an energy saver option, and many many video and audio output/input. The "chip" blocks programs with violence or cursing so as not to exposte your children the these stimuli. The energy saver is an option under the menu that when turned on actually turns half of the light projecting from the tv off. It literally dims itself to use less power! And then of course there are the two AV inputs in back and one in front paired with S-Video component hookups in back also. Oh and the remote is a universal controlling anything you have.

There are many different technical aspects of this tv that I don't fully understand. All I can do is offer up to you my opinion as a consumer. This tv has superior video quality with a 10w audio system to be proud of. Easy to use with the ability to have many different things hooked into it (DVD player, satelite receiver, video game systems) at the same time. As a consumer I say this is a fantastic choice for a tv. We are very very happy with this and if it had not been a gift, we would have probably bought it ourselves. This is a good buy!