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Shaun Of The Dead

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By James Grimes on
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'Shaun of the Dead' is a fantastic piece of work. It is a testament to the strength of Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright's script that it never loses balance or fails to be cohesive and effective as both a romantic comedy and a horror movie. Director Wright delivers on solid visuals and kinetic editing that never, ever let the film become boring. The zombies may shamble in the tradition of Romero, but Wright's direction has 'Shaun' running along. But beyond the style lies the substance. In the best tradition of zombie pictures, 'Shaun' is layered with intelligent social commentary, arguably made more poignant by its brilliantly interwoven romantic subplot. Pegg's titular character sort of shuffles on through life, unaware of the impending apocalypse, and only when he comes face to face with real zombies does he realize the danger of living like one. None of these things are slapped into our faces, though, because Pegg & Wright are wise to the old film maxim of "Show, Don't Tell", and its only through the harrowing and hilarious fight for survival that any lessons are taught or learned. Like many a great film, 'Shaun' feels much bigger than it is. That's the power of imagination, which arguably has been lacking from modern horror for some time. For horror fans who want to see a zombie movie well done and also like to laugh, 'Shaun of the Dead' can't be missed.