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Shave Off! This Is Good Shaving Gel By Boots.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I just feel I should do a review on this, because I have become an instant convert. The basic story is, I had ran out of shaving foam, and as I was getting in the car to go get some, I met my neighbour, she is a widow. I was passing the time of day with her, and I said that I was going to get some shaving foam, so if there was anything she needed I would pick it up for her. "Oh", she said, "I have some you can have". I thought she would produce an old gnarled piece of shaving soap, that would require an overnight soak in salt water, before it would lather. I was totally wrong of course (yet again). The stuff she fetched was this container of gel, which she had been given but not used.

I was always a user of cheap and nasty shaving foam, in an aerosol, just bog standard stuff to do the job. I was never interested in how good it was, or if it smelled of exotic rain forests. Having got this for free, I would be giving it a good try. First I read the label, this told me that it was made by Boots, in Nottingham, so it didn't have to be shipped half way around the World. Next I noticed it was for normal or dry skin, which was irrelevant, because I just have skin, never thought what sort it was. I then noticed it contained plant extracts, which made me read more closely. This has things like Ginseng in it, wow, not that I know what the stuff is. The extract apparently have been authenticated by the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew.

The 200ml container is an opaque plastic tube, with a flip top, this makes it easy to squirt a blob of gel onto your hand. The gel itself is clear, and should be applied to the face immediately after washing, i, e, while still wet. The gel is massaged in, and does not foam. You then simply shave as normal, and rinse off the gel. After shaving, my face feels a lot softer, and smoother.

I thought about my previous shaving routine, using an aerosol, and decided this was far better. The feeling on my skin was a lot better than my cheap foam. I also thought about how "green" this was. Compared to my metal tin, pressurised, and shipped God knows how many thousands of Miles, this is water based too, so requires less chemicals. There is little or no smell from this gel, which I prefer. The tube looks like it will last a very long time too, meaning it will be far cheaper than buying aerosols. I must find the price of this, because I will be buying another as soon as it runs out.

I am of course recommending this to all of you. It works on my skin, and as far as I am concerned, there is no reason why Ladies should not use it.