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Sheba Cat Food

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I happened to have two very highly pampered kitties whose tastes are pretty much spoiled now since I started feeding them Fancy Feast canned cat food. They'll quite literally turn their noses up at any other brand. One time however, a pet rescuer friend of mine sent me a virtual ton of coupons for Sheba Premium Cuts Cat Food. It was a buy one, get one free deal. Now yes, while Fancy Feast is pretty expensive enough, usually anywhere from 79¢ to 99¢ for a very small 3-ounce can, Sheba on the other hand averages a whopping $1.29 a container and for the same size.

Years and years ago, when I had other cats, they did indeed like the "regular" Sheba cat food and I would only buy it once in a blue moon, as even then it was expensive. But when Sheba changed it's cat food product to the Preminum Cuts type, there just was no way I was going to spend $1.29 per can as much as I loved my cats. So when I got those coupons for the buy one get one free offer, I decided to splurge and give my two kitties a real treat, or so I thought. I decided to get as much of a variety as possible to allow my two cats to choose which ones they like best. I list here the flavors available for those of you who are curious.

The seafood flavors are: Tuna Filet Dinner with Sauce, Tuna & Prawn Dinner with Aspic, Ocean Seafood Cocktail with Sauce, Tuna & Mussel Dinner with Sauce, Tuna Filet & Egg Dinner with Sauce

The Poultry flavors are: Chicken & Tuna Dinner with Sauce, Chicken Breast Dinner with Sauce, Chicken & Duck Dinner with Sauce

So armed with all those coupons, I went to my local supermarket and happily bought at least one of each flavor. One by one as I would open up each container to give my two cats one of the flavors, I have to admit, this cat food looked terrific, so good, it looked like something a person could eat. Then came the real test. Giving it to my cats. You can imagine my disappointment, when I was met with two pairs of feline eyes looking at the food then looking at me, as if to say, "You expect me to eat this?"

So much for pampering my babies with what looked like a wonderful pet food product. I have no idea if other cat owners have gotten Sheba Premium Cuts cat food, or if they have liked it, but you just might experience the same thing I did and your cats might turn there noses up at it. I'm not saying one shouldn't at least try one can/container of this pet food and give it to your cats as the quality of the food looks terrific, but at the stiff high price, I just don't plain think it's worth it. So........back to Fancy Feast for my cats.