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Sherlock Holmes 2009 Movie Review

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By Ganesh Kabaleeswaran on
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Some fans have called the film "incredible" the modern 21st Century Sherlock Holmes! The

author of the original story Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would honestly be proud of this film, especially

if he were alive today, probably text messaging his agent for more money and film rights

similar to Stephen King!

Famous actors, Tom Hanks Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes) and Jude Law (Dr. John Watson)

works amazingly well together as a pair of detectives, too exhausting and ultimately resolve

Crime Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong).

Who is a ritual murderer and leader of an occult dabbling secret societies, with a small

mysterious forces and "magic" as Mr. Holmes in the movie knew was "wrong"?

Sherlock Holmes deduction of power? "It's elementary my dear Watson!" Means that there

magic? In other words? "What tools and materials had been used by perpetrators to commit such a vicious

Crime (s)? "The story continues in the story.

Downey (Sherlock Holmes) seems to be a move away from criminal court and find out how this

expert master-mind murder "terrible rite" which takes place during the cold and FOSSIL

During the winter of 1891 in London, England.

Ironic? This film, simply called "Sherlock Homes" was released in theaters in France on Christmas Day

December 25, 2009 appears to be a mixture of what is called the TV series "Monk" and the hit movie

(2004) called the "National Treasure" because of the way (my opinion) director Guy Ritchie and

The producer Joel Silver has represented the mystery behind Sherlock Holmes and his

Life! .

Sherlock Holmes has finally fallen in love after all these years, during this film

beautiful Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams), one of his cons-lots and sometimes competing

caused him some problems over the years? She sincerely believe that this woman is smarter than Holmes?

Despite his love for her seems to cloud his decision moments during the film, he always

seems to come back professionally from his "sexual attraction" to this beautiful woman.

One of the biggest parts of this movie is it? "The violence is represented in a modern stop action

See business? "This means that the editor has skipped a few frames of film, sometimes

slow motion or even to quickly create a modern 21st Century no FX or effect

And a blue filter no lighting. Downey shows huge excellent slow and fast physical

body parts in martial arts and particularly violent.

It was obivious Robert Downey Jr., was given a complete physical training for those parties (including

in the 2008 movie Iron Man) as the movie gives viewers something to watch, especially women.

Jude Law, also known as the sexiest man alive in "People Magazine 2004" was the very sexy

ever, in this unforgettable and truly remarkable film, 2009.

Hopefully? This film will continue thereafter (s). Give the book series "Sherlock

Holmes' mystery / crime / murder in London and lives Basil Rathbone film viewers, to

favorites such as Sherlock Holmes origin, along with Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson, in fourteen films,

black and white (two of 20th Century Fox and a dozen of Universal Pictures) 1939-1946;

and a number of radio dramas. A new step in the history of cinema.

The film or movie is rated by "so-called boring and UN-friendly Film Critics" by

be a B-. Yahoo.com and other viewers of films on the Internet has an average of B +. My personal

opinion of this movie is "Go and see!" in theaters today, or rent it when it comes out on

DVD, probably in 2010.