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Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

Reviewing: Warner Brothers Sherlock Holmes (Dvd)  |  Rating:
John Juliano By John Juliano on
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There are some characters who, being as old and influential as they are, serve to shape and define the way we see fiction. They become legends, something similar characters strive to be. One of those characters is Sherlock Holmes, the supreme detective created by Sir. Aurthor Conan Doyle. Sherlock's story has been brought to the screen several times, but this may be one of the most faithful adaptations to date. But, can a work faithful to books from a hundred years ago still entertain a modern audience? Let's take a closer look.

Video Quality: This movie looks very imprseeive. Set in a darkly realistic take on 19th century england, the film has an authentic feel, and the look of costumes, buildings and props all adds to that aesthetic. The cinematography is solid, and the only reason it did not rate higher than 4 for me was that it did not aspire to any extraordinary marvels of CGI wonder. The look of the film did what it was meant to. On top of that, it did it well.

Audio Quality: The music of this movie is also quite good. It has a unique sound, and lends a distinct feel to the movie. From the main theme to the irish fighting music, it all sets a wonderful mood for any scene it is in. Like the above, it was rated a 4 because it did not aspire to grand operatic pieces. It was well suited for what it was meant to do. My only other minor gripe with the music is that a couple pieces were played maybe just a little more than they aught to have been.

Special Features: This is probably just the version I purchased, a former rental my local blockbuster put up for sale, but there were no special features at all, unless you count a spanish language track and subtitles for the hearing impaired. A mild dissappointment, but nothing too bad.

Story: In any book, movie, TV Show or what-have-you, this is the big one for me. It is not worth checking out if it does not have a good story. This movie has a great story. It dispays the exploits of the detective, but does not gloss over his faults like so many other adaptations do. It shows him as a troubled genius, like he was in the books. To the delight of many, it also saw fit to remind us that holmes was a highly competent combatant, as well as a thinker. This is as well commonly forgotten in many versions. The mystery is set up beautifully, and just as beautifully resolved. My only criticism is that this portrayal, while more true to the source material, may be jarring to those used to other portrayals of Holmes.

Over all, I can not Recommend this movie enough. check it out if you are a fan of holmes, or just looking for a good mystery.