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She's The Man

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"Duke wants Olivia, who likes Sebastian, who is really Viola, whose brother is dating Monique, so she hates Olivia, who's with Duke to make Sebastian jealous, who is really Viola who's crushing on Duke who thinks she's a guy..." (From the Movie Cover)

Confused yet?

She's the Man is a chick flick about mistaken identity and high school romance. Viola, played by Amanda Bynes, lives to play soccer, but is crushed when her school cuts the girl's soccer team. Desperate, she comes up with a crazy plan that will allow her to keep playing the game she loves and beat her old school at its own game. She enrolls in a different school pretending to be a boy; more specifically, her own twin brother, Sebastian.

Of course, no plan is without its hiccups. Along with the embarrasing and hilarious incidents that can only happen to a girl pretending to be a guy, Viola develops a crush on her roommate, Duke, who believes like everyone else, that she is a boy. Then, to make matters worse, a female classmate starts falling for "Sebastian", who she too believes to be a boy. Meanwhile, the real Sebastian is out of town and is completely unaware of everything that is happening... that is, until he gets home.

She's the Man is big in laughs, but small in substance. However, it fulfills what it sets out to do--to provide light, funny entertainment to the adolescent/high school crowd.