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Shift The Fat And Lose The Inches

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Tiffany Kerns By Tiffany Kerns on
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Okay, if you are like me you have tried many a diet and many a supplement trying to get rid of the excess weight or fat. After 3 kids and 2 c-sections my abdominals and mid-section is completely shot, but I am truly working on it. I was doing research and came across CLA-1300 Max Potency by Natures Way.

This 'pill' is not a miracle by any means and you still have to diet and exercise, just like everyone should just to be healthy. However, what this supplement does is helps to burn more calories AND shifts your fat deposits, helping your body to shed pounds and tone muscles adding definition.

As a person who doesn't put alot of faith in these things I was completely skeptical. CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is the fat that makes your slim--its one of the good omega 6 fatty acids. No stimulants, all natural and used by the body to help break-down fats and increase metabolism.

So I started taking just one capsule per day, within 2 days I began to see a difference, but attributed to the increase in exercise. However, now that I have been using CLA for 2 months I can see a definite improvement in my mid-section and thigh area. Because CLA helps to break down the fat deposits, the increase in mid-section fatty cells show an immense improvement. I am toning quicker, more definition, and under my c-section scar, the fat deposits are noticeably smaller. I feel like I have actually found something that is not only natural but gives me a fighting chance against the battle of the bulge.

CLA has clinically proven to decrease body fat by up to 9%, stimulant free, lowering cholesterol and helping with overal immune, cardiovascular, and bone and joint health.

With so many positives, and basically little or no negatives, this product is defintely worth the money and a trial. I found this particular item at Vitacost for $15.02 a bottle. There are 90 soft gels per bottle.

One note, You may not lose any weight with this product, however, becuase it helps change muscle to fat, you will notice more definition and a decrease in body fat. Muscle weighs more than fat and burns more calories.