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Shiver By Maggie Stiefvater

Reviewing: Maggie Stiefvater Shiver (Wolves Of Mercy Falls, 1)  |  Rating:
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Today I welcome you to read a book review written by yours truly on one of my favorite books. This book I speak of is called Shiver. Everyone reading may have heard of it and all love it as I do or so I hope! This book is based on the main characters, Sam and Grace. They are a human/wolf couple and it follows them down the past as they try to fight all the odds and still have their love. Don't tell me you can't hear a bit of Twilight in that! Sam and Grace meet when Sam's pack attacks Grace in her backyard, but Sam saves her. Every so often Grace and Sam watch each other in the covering of the woods. But one day hunters come to kill the wolves in Grace's backyard because of a boy's disappearance. When she races to get the hunters to stop, who does she find shot at her doorstep except Sam, himself. She takes him to a hospital and sneaks him out when he heals faster than normal. She keeps him at her home since her parents are hardly home anyway. As the time goes by with Sam driving her to and from school while trying to find the boy while at the same time trying to deny what he is. Grace makes a truce with the disappeared boy's sister and some good comes from that. The boy, Jack is found and has been turned into a wolf and a crazy one at that. He takes Sam and hides him in the cold. Grace all the while comes up with an antidote to Sam's wolfness, but will it work?

This book to me is every bit similar to Twilight. I came across Maggie by discovering Lament at my library which I also loved. I heard all the commotion about Shiver and knew I just had to have it. There wasn't one time in the book where I was disappointed. Maggie lived up to her name and hopefully when Linger comes out I will feel the same!