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Shocking Tiger Woods News... Read It Here First!

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Almost everything I have learned about popular culture has come from the National Enquirer. I have learned much more about Paris Hilton and Tiger Woods sex lives than anybody should know. I learned about Lady Gaga and Kristie Alley's diet problems. I know who the Enquirer thinks is too fat and who they think is too skinny (and always look forward to the annual Cellulite Exposed issue). I knew about John Edwards and Rielle Hunter before any of my friends. They did have pretty good Balloon Boy coverage, too. Of course, the lastest Hollywood movies, New Moon, and related celebrity gossip are covered.

If you just look at the articles on the cover at the supermarket check stand, then you are not getting a fair impression of the magazine. Some of the articles are really good. I really don't like some of the crime articles, but sometimes it is interesting reading about O.J. Simpson and Martha Stewart. Something else I don't like is how they often say bad things about Angelina and Brad's relationship.

I enjoy many of the puzzles: Crossword (with vowels highlighted), standard Crosswords, Word Search, Spot the Differences, Sudoku, and recently Cryptogram Quotes.

I admit it, there are some people who I would not tell that I read National Enquirer. It is my guilty pleasure. I started reading it a long time ago after my first visit to California (and Hollywood). There were only a few places in Singapore where I could buy it (the Airport and a couple of large hotels) and it was very expensive. I originally liked it to see the fashions being worn by the stars, but then I learned to appreciate the gossip. Now that I live in the US, I have a home subscription and the price is very reasonable for the value provided.