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Shockingly, Disastrously Bad

Reviewing: Stephenie Meyer Twilight  |  Rating:
By calrc on
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It is very easy to think that a book like Twilight must be something special. Armies of fans worldwide, frenetic media coverage, a film deal and three sequels (so far)... there's no smoke without fire, after all. Just look at Harry Potter, which wasn't the best work of fiction ever, and often went on for far too long, but actually was fairly well-written and certainly captured the target audience perfectly.

Sadly, though, Twilight is a travesty. The characters are simultaneously wafer-thin and utterly hateful, an impressively bad achievement by an author. Particularly vomit-worthy is Bella, who is about as close to a classic "Mary-Sue" as a character can be without being called Mary-Sue herself. Edward Cullen is perfectly attractive (naturally) which wouldn't be so disturbing if he wasn't a rather creepy stalker to boot, spying on Bella at night and suchlike. But it's all in the name of love, so hey ho.

Onto the plot. Oh. Erm, for a few hundred pages, there isn't one. Meyer attempts to rectify this by making the burning tension between Bella and Edward serve as a plot. It doesn't, because the writing is so simplistic and poor that no genuine emotion boils off the pages.

So why one star and not zero? Well, the main thing is that it perfectly captures its target audience: just look at the teenage girls worldwide hooked on this drivel. And for all her vacuous dearth of talent, Stephenie Meyer is now a very rich woman. Kudos to her for that... but not for writing Twilight.