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Shoes That Help Me Look Like A Star

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dade By dade on
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I own more than one pair of shoes. A couple of pair, I use for painting and other filthy work I might do. Another pair, are the shoes I hang out in. Another pair, I where when going out to some good restaurant, like Denny's (kidding about Denny's). And yet another pair, this newer pair I bought, I wear to when I need "happy feet".

The newer pair I bought at Meijer, is for my feet, when they are feeling maxed out, from wearing the more expense pair, I go to Denny's in.

I don't believe in buying shoes that are supposed to be kind to my feet. I am too hard on them. I go through shoes faster than my young sons. I don't understand it, but I don't have to, as long as I have a pair of shoes around that make my feet feel happy, again.

My latest pair of shoes, I bought, are by Nunn Bush, The GBX series, low cuts. I like the fabric and there is more than enough rubber soul beefed up on them, that I will not be wearing off the side corners very soon. I tend to walk funny, so I wear down the outside corners of the souls.

The stitching in the fabric seems to be reinforced. The thread is not showing any signs of wear, as yet. The arch supports are not too high and feel, just right. I like a snug fit, but not so snug that my dogs don't start sweeting and corroding my socks.

Nunn Bush paid a lot of attention to making a good shoe, that I don't feel I am wearing and this is important to me. I don't enjoy feeling my shoes on my feet. Shoes should be something you put on your feet, then forget about them.

If I do my job right, I won't forget I am wearing the new GBX series, the next time I decide to paint another room of the house and get paint all over them.