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Shogun Total War Warlord Edition

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grendul By grendul on
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I picked this game up about a month ago and started playing it last week. It has a very nice interface and is very in-depth when it comes to game play. It is a cross between a turn based Strategy game and a Real time Strategy game for the battles.

In the main campaign it is all about Taking over control of feudal Japan and Making yourself Shogun of all Japan. You have to build buildings and troops to accomplish this though.

The Battles are simply amazing with up to 5000 units on the field at any one time. Once you kill a single unit it stays dead on the field the body does not disappear. Your objectives once on the Battle field are pretty simple. Either Drive the enemy from the field or destroy them to a man.

The entire time you are trying to become Shogun you have to deal with Rebels from bordering regions, Ninja's Killing off your generals, and other spies in your own Regions.

The Graphics are a little outdated with it being released back in 2000 or so. The game play is nice though and the AI for the enemy regions and battles is pretty incredible. Evidently the battle strategies were imported using Sun Tzu’s Art of War. This includes battle formations and the way the AI reacts to your movements on the battle field.

A few Tips for the Beginner in this game, Work on your Farmland right away and build Ports and watch towers so you can see what is mobilizing in neighboring Regions. Get Horses as soon as possible they can make or break most battles.

My only complaints about the game is in the beginning the Rebels start out with an insane amount of troops, and usually they are some of the higher end troops you can't get till later in the game once you have built up your regions.