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Should You Buy The Sylvania Mp3 Player?

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By iamgood on
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(My mp3 is like the one in the picture except it is blue)

So here it is, the sylcania mp3 player in my hand. I would have to say that it is pretty good since it was only worth $40. I got this as a present from my friends after my other mp3 player broke down. Of course, this ipod touch in my other hand is much better but anyways, back to talking about the sylvania mp3 player. So first of all, the major problem with this is the storage capacity. I was trying to transfer my 700 or so songs from my computer to my sylvania, but I couldn't fit all of it onto the ipod. I had to take the very hard time-consuming picking out songs and putting it on. I definitely would like to see the storage space created to make more room.

The second thing that bugged me was that there was no section to choose which song. You had to make playlists or go through the whole list and slowly pick out what song you want. This was not at all fun for me to do. I like to pick my songs from my mp3 mind you, and if you don't care or want an mp3 for listening to songs on shuffle, I would recomend you buy it, but for people that like to pick songs from a lost, do NOT buy this mp3 as it is very hard to manage. By very hard, I mean VERY HARD.

Another problem would be with the battery life. After about 1 month of using this, I realized that the time that I could use the mp3 player dropped dramatically. I would then only play the mp3 player for about 10 hours. Much less than the 15 hours before. The battery life of the mp3 kept on dropping and dropping until it managed at around 8 hours. I was content, but I didn't really like the battery life. I don't know if this is just my mp3 or if it is with everyone. Please comment if this happened to you/didn't happen to you.

well, other than that, there were not many other special features. There was EQ and you could watch photos, but that was pretty much it. I wasn't really surprised that it would not have a lot of features since it was only $40 but I could imagine this section of the mp3 player much better. Sound quality was okay-ish and the headphones broke down in just 2 months of use. I liked the earphones a bit because it was actually comfortable to me.

So that's it. The summary of the sylvania mp3 player. I seriously don't recomend this if you are wanting to buy a good, functional mp3 player, but I guess this is better than others. But seriously, if you want something that has value, do not buy this. The price tag is low, but the functionality is also low.