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Show Me The Wallet!

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akenchi samanosuke By akenchi samanosuke on
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Don't you guys love the way how this wallet shine? Well, introducing my one-year used wallet, gave by my brother when he came back from studying in Minnesota. Well, Minnesota has nothing to do with this wallet. But this wallet has a lot of thing to do with me!

Being small in size, but not too small, this wallet fits perfectly inside my pocket. And I didn't get any difficulties in sitting down or standing up either when the wallet is in my back pocket or front pocket. Its really comfortable. Moreover, because of its slim anatomy, you can easily shove your hand into your pocket to take this wallet, and this even works perfectly eventhough I'm wearing my Topman Super Skinny Jeans. You can even walk with your hands in your pockets! Carrying this thing makes you feel as if you have nothing in your pocket. Maybe the only thing I feel rubbing against my thigh is a key that I usually carry in my front pocket.

Small is one thing, but spacious is another thing. From the outside, it may look too tight to fit in your cards and cash stack. But believe me, I'm a busy student, I have 6 cards and everyday I carry about 3 thousands rubles. How much card could you have? If there's no problem for me putting 6 cards in this wallet, then you guys should be less worried. The wallet has about 8 pocket for cards, and one special flip-out pocket for you to put your ID. This is the best among them pockets, when somebody needs to see your ID, you can just flip it out, acting like your an FBI or CIA, they always do that in movie right?

Last but not least, I like the elegant look of this wallet. Black. Black is style, black is professional. You'll feel the proud everytime you're taking out your wallet to pay for something. The person who is waiting for his money will surely take a look at the black incandescense of your wallet, and the first thing that will go across his mind is that, "this guy is loaded by the looks of his wallet", although in reality, there's nothing really in your wallet, just enough money to pay for the purchase. LOL!