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Shower Soother To Relieve Chest Congestion

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By momrocks on
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If you suffer from chest congestion than I have a great alternative to clearing up the congestion. Sudacare Shower soothers is a great alternative to traditional medicine. I have used this product for a few years. What you do is simply place one of the tablets into the shower as you take a shower. As the water runs over the tablet it releases a vapor that has a menthol smell to it. It will help loosen up the congestion in your chest as the steam from the shower and the vapor rises to your nose and mouth. Each tablet lasts for about 5 minutes but if you turn off the fan and leave the door shut it can linger for as long as 15 minutes. This is a great alternative for your children too. I have sat in the bathroom with my daughter even when she was an infant to help loosen her croup with these shower soothers. I will warn you that they should not be placed in your bath or even touched in the shower as they become very hot and can even burn you. I only use them with my children when we are sitting in the bathroom and not actually in the shower. This a great way to quickly relieve congestion in little ones when they are having troublwe breathing due to colds. I even carry these with us on vacation to help relieve any congestion that might occur.