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Shred It

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I have documents that need shredding like old bank statements, newspapers, articles from my daughter's school, etc. We normally don't have recycling plant for paper here. I need to take a drive to deposit my recyclables. So instead of wasting gas and increasing my carbon footprint, I decided to shred my papers at home after they have been proved used and re-used beyond use. I have guinea pigs at home so I use those shredded papers for their beddings and it saves us big bucks.

My shredder is small, just enough for personal use but enough to get things done. I do not shred large amount of papers anyway so the bin capacity is ok. Small for my standard but since it is a personal shredder, it is good enough. The speed is fast but I cannot put a lot of paper in a go. The shredded papers come out in strings of about 2mm wide, wider than most shredded papers used in the office.

It is not as heavy as the professional use shredders. It comes with its own plastic bin and reinforced stand so it does not topple.

Update On Feb 13, 2010: Its size is the only consolation I get from this is its compact size. Performance is another story. Due to its low power, the shredder does not shred as much. The maximum it can hold up in shredding is about 50 pages and in less than 5 minutes it is out.