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Shred Your Junk Mail, Very Satisfying!

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Mst of us have quite a lot of official paperwork dropping through the door, and after reading it, we decide it does not have to be filed away, so it goes in the recycling bin. This is not a good idea, especially when it contains a lot of information, Bank details, addresses, Balances etc. The obvious answer is to shred all this paperwork.

I was in my local Woolworths (When they were still trading of course) when I saw a shelf full of these shredders. On close inspection, I decided that these were not just a Gimmick, but seemed to be of decent quality. I bought one, not sure how much, but it was very good value. The model I purchesed, was the PS - 107B, and once I got it home, and gave it the once over.

The setup was very simple, there was a shreder head, which sits on a waste paper bin, you plug in and away you go. The machine is capable of shredding up to five sheets at a time, however I just feed one in and maybe overlap a second one, but by the time I have done this, the first sheet has long gone.

There is a switch giving you the option of ON/AUTO, plus a reverse function in case of jams. The mchine sits there silently on the Auto setting, until you insert a sheet of paper, then it springs into life. There is a fair amount of noise, however this is only for a matter of seconds, so not a problem. The bin itself is about the size of a normal waste paper bin, and if need be, you could place the machine on a bigger bin.

The shredder is a fairly neutral cream colour, and so goes with any decor, the finish is a matt, and although this can hold dirt, it is still easy to clean being plastic. The instructions supplied were perfectly adequate, although I must confess I did not read more than a couple of lines. The machine came with a one year guarantee, although with the fall of the Woolworths empire this is irrelevant now.

I can thoroughly recommend these little machines for home use. If you need one for an office environment, you should be choosing a bigger model, with more security, perhaps even one that will shred CDs. I suppose in this day & age, I must advise against sticking your fingers into the machine, although common sense will tell you that. I will however mention that my machine tents to stay in Auto mode, meaning that if any small child stuck their fingers in, this could be very serious. I do unplus my shredder now, even though there are no small children in my house normally.

Take care.