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Shrek On Dvd

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This movie is from DreamWorks Entertainment. It is the first Shrek movie out of three that were made. This one is probably about four or five years old. When it first came out a ton of people went and saw it at the theatre. I was one of them! I love this movie! Of course it does help that I really like the characters. I'm not a big fan of Eddie Murphy but he played the donkey and did a very fabulous job. And there were/are a lot of unexpected things that happen in the movie. One of them being that a dragon, who is a girl, falls in love with donkey. I mean that isn't something that you would imagine happening. This dragon is giant and breaths fire and it's just funny! Another super funny thing is Prince Farquaad. That character and the adult humor that goes along with it is really funny.

If you haven't seen this movie it is about an Ogre who loves his mud, loves to smell and loves to be alone. There are fairy tale creatures that move into his swamp and in order to get rid of them he has to go to the Prince who forced them to live in the forrest and swamp. The Ogre, Shrek, then meets Prince Farquaad. He wants Shrek to rescue a princess from a tower that is guarded by a fire breathing dragon. If Shrek does then the fairtale people will be moved from his swamp. So off Shrek goes to rescue the princess. Her name is Fiona and she has been dreaming forever about the day someone would rescue her. Shrek does and gets donkey, Fiona and himself out safely. Fiona wants to give him a kiss and he says no. Then she finds out that he is an ogre. She is shocked, but Shrek tells her the story about the Prince and the movie goes on.