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Shrek The Third: Dvd Review

Reviewing: Dreamworks Shrek The Third  |  Rating:
By momrocks on
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Like most sequels there must come a time for the end. The Shrek movies should have stopped after two. Shrek the Third was a big disappointment. It seemed that they could have done a much better job with the story line of this movie.

My kids were so excited to see it when it was in theaters. After paying the big price at the theater for it, I was disappoint that it was a bomb. It still has some great comedy moments and that is mostly adult comedy. The movie was not able to keep the attention of my two young children like the first two shrek movies did. The soundtrack may be one of the most disappointing aspects of this movie. The kids have always loved the sound tracks to the shrek movie, which is one of the things that kept their attention. Shrek the Third lacked the up beat music that the first two movies had.

My children were also geared up for the Shrek babies which only appear in the last few minutes of the movie. The previews should all the funny moments of the movie and all the footage with the shrek babies. Throughout the entire movie my oldest was asking where the babies were.

The movie was not impressive to me or my children, but when it came out on DVD they wanted it anyway and were just disappointed again.