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Shultz's Orchid Food Or My Orchid Came Back!

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Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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I’ve always wanted to have a “green thumb”. But too bad wanting it and having it are two different things! But there might be hope for me yet… since I discovered a lifeline for my orchid.

A year ago, my boss surprised me with a beautiful pale green orchid in full bloom for Administrative Assistants Day. The fact that he got me anything at all was a total shock, but that he got me an orchid somehow just made it very special for me. Since I have such a love affair going on with Hawaii (Kauai in particular), anything tropical is what I love most.

I so enjoyed my orchid until, alas, it went the way all flowers eventually go. The plant with its foliage was fine, though, and I managed to keep it alive for months and months. I truly never expected that it would bloom again for me though because I’ve never had much luck with houseplants.

One day while shopping in my Safeway Floral Department, there, displayed with the orchids, was a bottle of Shultz Orchid Food. I read the label; it seemed easy enough for a green thumb wannabe like me, so I bought it.

Shultz’s Orchid Food is so easy to use. All I have to do is water my orchid once a week with just a tiny bit of fertilizer in the tepid water. I have done this faithfully and it worked! My beautiful orchid came back!

The label says Shultz Orchid Food is food for all kinds of orchids, and that with this brand, you save by using only half as much as other brands require.

I am so excited that my orchid has bloomed again that I bought two more orchids! Who knows where this might all lead?