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Shure E2c Headphones, Great Buy!

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These headphones are a great investment. Now, the model is a little bit older, I've had them for probably 4 or 5 years, but they still work great. These headphones are great for listening to your iPod, but also for studio recording if you're in a band or an audio producer/editor. They're light and compact (duh, they're ear buds), have great frequency response, and for as small as they are, have great bass. I listen to music all the time. LOUD. These things have some real punch to them, and since they come with noise isolating, replaceable ear buds; the only parts that would need to be replaced on them are cheap and easy to find. In all the time that I've had them, I've replaced them twice. This is because, like foam earplugs, once they've been used many times, they lose their expansive properties. I think replacements run about $5 for 3 pairs on eBay or Amazon.com. That The only things that I would complain about with them are that the housings for the drivers are not very durable. I had the right ear bud crack in half on me, which I was able to fix with some super glue, but it still falls apart on me every now and then, requiring me to reglue them. Also, on a cold day, if you're walking or whatever outside and listening with them, the rubber on the cord hardens up, with almost no flexibility. Overall, these are great headphones that are an even better deal, now that the price has fallen to $70 from the original 110 or 120. With the exception of the problems I mentioned (which might have been fixed after the first release), I don't think you can go wrong if you want a great set of headphones and are willing do drop some extra coin as opposed to buying some of the cheaper ones available at any big retailer.