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Shure Se110 Sound Isolating Goodness

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By krn2kool on
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I bought these headphones a few months ago when I started communting to work on a train. When I went out to purchase headphones I looked for noise cancelling headphones. But, after some thourough research, I found out that sound isolating headphones had much more quiet mechanism.

Okay, enough background and on with the review. I mostly bought these headphones on impulse, knowing the legendary performance of Shure, I knew this had to be quality stuff. Below, I will review each aspect of these headphones.

Sound Isolation: The sound isolation works as great as it claims to. When fitted properly with the fit kit(to be described in the "accessories" section) much of the noise will be gone. You will still be hearing some really light muffled ambient noise, that should fade out when you listen to music. If you are using these as some peaceful sanctuaary like the bose quietcomforts, this is a bad choice.

Comfort: Shure has a very unique and inovating method of wearing their headphones. The cable of the headphone comes up behind and loops around your ears so that the cable is "wrapped around" the ear. The headphones then fit nicely in your ear. The reason shure does this is because these headphones were designed for the music professional. In general, comfort is great. When I start listening, I might have to readjust the orientation of the headphone in my ear, but, once set, it won't bother me. If I listen with these for a long duration, I sometimes have to take it out becuase my ears get a bit irritated.

Sound quality: This will be the most concise section. Amazing.

Accessories: The box includes the headphones, a 3' cable, carrying case, fit kit, and a small cleaning stick

3' cable- Because the SE110's are modular headphones, they come with an extension cable. Although these are only 3 feet, shure sells longer ones on their website.

carrying case- The carrying case is a soft shelled, zipper case. It is large enough for the headphones and all the accessories. Besides the main compartment, there is a small pouch on one of the sides of the interior.

fit kit- The fit kit is basically the different earbut sleeves that you can place on the headphones to get a personnal perfect fit. Because this is the entry model of the series, they only come with a small selection compared to other shure headphones. This one comes in foem and soft flex(rubber meteral) sleeves. Both types come in small, medium, and large. Like I mentioned before, it is good to test them out for a perfect fit and maximun noise isolation.

cleaning stick- This is a small stick (see picture) that is used to, well, clean. Because the structure of the headphones cylinder shape, stuff in your ears end up in the headphone (ewwww!!!). It is easy to take that stuff out. Also, the manuel gives instructions on how to wash the sleeves, just for sanitary measures.

Conclusion: To sum it up, the SE110's are shures cheapest headphones (as of this review, of course) and offer what you pay for. It comes with a two year limited warrenty but, I doubt you'll need it because the headphones are very durable. I would highly recommend this for the average commuter but not to a music fanatic or professional. There are many more professionally oriented headphones out there that are better.