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Shut Up, Stop Whining Get A Life

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By chefmom on
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Author and motivational speaker Larry Winget is known as the "pitbull of personal development, " and there's a reason for it. He speaks in no-nonense language and makes Dr. Phil look life a softie. In Shut up, Stop Whining & Get a Life: A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life, Winget does just that -- kick butt. He tells the reader he wants "shake you up" and "wake you up."

Winget believes most of us have a real attitude problem. Instead of concentrating on the drama in life, he recommends just getting on with life itself. In this very unusual self-help book, he addresses money, religion, sex, guilt, worry and more. And he does it in a challenging and tenacious way.

For some, this will be an inspirational read. I found it almost funny, simply because he is so confrontational. I found it fairly interesting for the first few chapters, but after a while, everything started to sound the same. Finally, I stopped reading. It does have some moments of inspiration, and for the average person needing that kick in the butt, it's fine. But he's far from an expert, and the person dealing with serious emotional issues would be better off with a book written by a therapist. I wouldn't buy another book written by Winget.