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Sicko Directed By Michael Moore Review

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I recently viewed Sicko which is Michael Moore latest documentary. The film is rated PG-13 and runs 123 minutes.

I happen to be a rare fan of Michael Moore. I don't agree with his politics in any way shape or form, but I admire how he expresses his opinions and beleive he makes excellent films.

The topic of Sicko is the health care industry. The film details the often tragic experiences American's go through battling both their illness and their insurance companies (if they are lucky enough to have it). The film also examines other countries health care systems, mainly canada, France and Cuba. The overall argument the film makes is that universal health care is the way to go. It makes the above mentioned countries systems look almost flawless.

My main problem with Moore's point of view int he film is that it does not list the negatives of other countries health care systems. By not doing that, it is a one sided conversation.

The film itself is typical Moore. It is flawlessly edited, has humor in an otherwise humorless topic, but more importantly it scares the crap out of you.

I actually had medical nightmares after viewing the film. Any film that provokes thought is good in my book.