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Sid Meier's Civilization Iv Review

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By zhao on
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I really love strategy games because it is the only type of game that make me think twice before deciding what action to do. I already played a lot of strategy games and this experience makes me want more challenging strategy games. One of the best games I played is Sid Meier's Civilizaion and they have a new installment of Civilization game which is Civlization IV.

I played Civilization IV because the design and the new game mechanics intrigued me. The game is easy to install so I do not have any problems with it, the manuals and read me files are also available which is a plus points for me because they care about user experience. After installing the game I'm awed with the opening music which is titled Baba Yetu, this invigorates me and I prepare myself to get some hardcore strategy gaming together with Civilization IV.

I'm happy with the game because they retained the past features of other Civilization game and the good thing is they improve it a lot, I choose a political leader and I will lead them to prosperity or doom, of course I want to win the game so I will lead my people forward. I start of as a mere settler and improving the economy and technology will make us more advance, to win the game you have to choose an option it will be thru conquest where you will defeat all other civilization or it can also be space race, culture and more. I have a good time with the game and honestly I loss hours of sleep because Civilization IV is addictive game.