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Sigh... Eclipse Review

Reviewing: Stephenie Meyer Eclipse  |  Rating:
Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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Yet another disappointing addition to the ever popular Twilight Series.

In this book, Edward, Bella, and Jacob must find a way to cope with each other and the feelings shared by the lot. And while they suffer in their own self-caused agony, an evil plot is forming on the outskirts of Forks. There are new vampires running amuck and their leader doesn't seem to care or can't seem to get a handle on those little buggers. Confusion and turmoil curse the minds of the leading characters creating problems with the issue about the new vampires.

I liked the battle in this book. That was pretty fun and yet sad, but the love triangle that had formed in the previous book gave me new insight into the mind of Bella, the leading character. She is so wishy-washy in this book. It's not possible to love two people. If she really loved someone, she'd be able to tell the difference between close friendships and true love. That doesn't seem like the case.

Bella's character becomes irritating. Nothing gets resolved with her around. And she tortures the poor male leads with her inability to make a decision.

This book really shined a light on the characters and their personalities. You get to find out about Rosaline's past, which helps you understand her more. Understanding the characters will lead to your understanding of the book.