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Signing For You Baby!!

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By angelkisses on
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I have been teaching my 1.5 year old Daughter sign language since she was 4 months old. I first started with "ALL DONE" and went on to the sign for "MILK", but I wanted to teach her more, since she seemed to pick up the few word in sign language I had already taught her. Since buying this book I now communicate with my daughter. Our battles have been about bed times and NOT getting her way and not because we don't understand each other. Since buying this book she has learned one new sign a week. I have owned this book for 4 weeks and she has learned THANK YOU, PLEASE, EAT, LUNCH and DINNER. I have also started teaching my son to signing as well.

I went to Borders Books and looked at all the books they had on the shelf regarding Sign Language. I opened up The art of Sign Language and instantly was able to understand the illistrations of the signs showen in the book. You really can learn sign language without prior knowlage, this book is proof. The book teaches you the correct hand and motion movements. The deminstrations are so easy to follow and understand. This book makes makes signing fun to learn.I give this book a 5. If you have babies, kids or you yourself want to learn sign language this book is perfect. Enjoy!