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Signs From Above

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I love Angels, i am a collector of them and i have total faith in them! I heard of Doreen Virtue from an article i read online about Angel Therapy, this is a type of therapy she uses in her practice, she is a licensed therapist with a PhD. She has a gift for hearing Angels, she offers guidance from your Angels to help you and lead you onto the right path you are meant to follow, she also helps those through loss, depression and other difficult times.

Signs from Above includes a compilation of inspiring stories from some of her patients. Doreen explains how something simple as finding a penny on the ground at your feet can be a gift from your Angels, she says that Angels love to give us gifts and signs, we just need to be more open to it and everything we come across in our daily lives will have some kind of meaning and if we are paying attention we are more likely to see these signs and understand what they mean.

Doreen explains how to communicate with your Angels, and even includes a few prayers you can send them, there are prayers for pets, family health, wellness and clarity. Every chapter in the book is dedicated to a different sign that your Angels may be sending you and how you can take notice and open up to them, like looking for signs in clouds, finding pennies, birds, number sequences and so much more.

I read this book in one day i just could not put it down, what she has to say in this book made sense to me and i started realizing all the messages and signs i have been recieving and just havent paid attention, now i do and i have noticed signs in so many things when times get tough and i feel my Angels there. I take this book with me where ever i go and flip through the pages when i need a little encouragement in my life or when things are a little rough. I was made a total believer when i read in the chapter that if you ask your Angels for a sign that they are there by sending down a feather, you will find them, so i did, not sure what to expect, but honestly i didnt expect anything, so for a few days i would look all over to see if i got a feather, but nothing, disapointed i gave up. Then when i stopped looking, in my bed i found a pure white feather, and it was shaped like an Angel wing!! It was so pure looking and perfect! I dont have a feather pillow or anything with feathers in my house, nor was i around any feathers anywhere! I will never doubt again!!