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Silent Hill Movie

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By kasouyumi on
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Based off the horrific video-game, Silent Hill was an excellent movie for me. Some people didn't like it, but I did. I found it to be scary and intense.

The movie is about a town tormented by monsters and possessed by the spirit of a girl named Allessa. It involves a cult full of witch-hunters, demons, and a desperate mother caught within it all. Just like in the silent Hill games, the mother visits the town in search for ger daughter who vanished without a trace. The mother is accompanied by a female police officer as they try to find the young child before the crazy witch-hunters do.

This movie takes some of the story lines found within the Silent Hill video games and wraps them all into one movie. It uses the same characters and monsters featured in the games as well as the same music. My favorite monster in the movie and game is Pyramid Head! He will send chills down your spine as this movie keeps you at the edge of your seat.

I enjoyed this movie. Silent Hill is great for a video game-based movie. I recommend anyone who is into horror, video games, and suspense to watch it.