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Silent Hill : Shattered Memories For The Ps2

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This game has to be, for me, one of the most immersing games in the Silent Hill series so far, and one of the best for several reasons. One of which is how they designed the game to actually pull you into the game and make it more of real experience, with both sound and a interactive 3D Silent Hill. From how you are able to view your surroundings to the detail of the buildings, it is really amazing! I'll go in to a little more detail after I give you a little info about the story in this game.In Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, you begin the game as Harry Mason, a family man with a young daughter named Cheryl. Well, Harry is driving with Cheryl on a stormy winter night, when the car goes out of control on the ice and crashes. After, losing consciousness from the wreck, Harry awakens to find his daughter missing! So he sets off on foot with his flashlight, searching for Cheryl in the winter storm. A search that leads him deep into the nightmare town of Silent Hill. A storm which makes this Silent Hill unique, because usually Silent Hill is usually set in a snowless setting and it's dark side reveals, decay, rust, fire, and ashes. Where Shattered Memories is set in a winter storm, and the dark side of Silent Hill in this tale, encases everything in ice and turns the town into a frozen nightmare.

Have I got you intrigued yet? Well if that doesn't intrigue you, how about if the game takes a psychological profile on you to adapt the game play to you, to force you to face your inner most fears? Between searching, you will make periodic visits where you are seated in a psychiatrists office, interacting with him, this is where the profiling comes in. You will be asked, questions and have to perform evaluation tests, and based on how you answer, it will determine how the story goes and will end. From the game play, I suggest answering truthfully at first, just to see your out come the first time you play and finish the game, because based on your answers, you can reveal 4 different endings in all.

But wait this isn't all, there is even more to entice you in this game. In addition to a flashlight, you also have a "iPhone" type touch screen cell phone and you can interact with it just like a real smart phone! You can place and receive calls during the game, there will be may phone numbers you run across posted around town you can dial. You also can get text messages as well as voicemail. Also one of the main and most important uses you will have for this phone is the use of the camera and the GPS. The GPS first of all, to find your way around to the various places you'll be searching. (and you'll need it because there is a LOT of ground to cover) Secondly, the camera, because there are various spots along the way you will need to take photos of to reveal important clues and facts about the town of Silent Hill and the people who live there. You will come across areas that have a residual energy, or supernatural presence about it, and if you look closely, you can see it. This is what you want to take pictures of! It's almost like spirit photography! Also, there are other areas as well where you can feel it in the vibration of the controller as you near this residual energy, and as soon as you hit that spot, you will receive a message or voice mail, sort of like when paranormal investigators record spirits.

So as you can tell, I can go on and on about this game, I simply love it! Even though the downside of the game is the encounters in the dark side of Silent Hill with the creatures is very limited and repetitive. You aren't able to defend against or fight them in the usual way other games offer, I feel the rest makes up for that. Between the highly interactive 3D surroundings, the characters, the storyline, and massive areas and things this game offers to explore, it'll have you hooked too! But keep in mind, this is a mature game, with adult language and stuff that can possibly cause nightmares. So it's definitely not one for the young ones! This game is also available for the Wii and PSP as well.