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Silk Degrees One Of The Best Albums Of The Seventies!

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The album, "Silk degrees", by Boz Scaggs came out in 1976. It was produced by Joe Wissert, who worked with a lot of popular recording artists of the Seventies and Eighties. The album consisted of ballads and pop tunes. I remember actually having the record (not the cd). Eventually, after playing this record continuously, all I could hear was static when I played it. I bought a second copy in the 1980's. In 2007, they remastered this cd and added three live versions of songs already on the cd. The playlist is:

--"Lowdown", is a song, written by Boz Scaggs and David Paich. It is a wonderful, pop dance tune that I still hear on the radio.

--"We're All Alone", is a ballad previously sang by Rita Coolidge on her “Greatest Hits” Album. They both do this song beautifully.

--It's Over, is a ballad written by Boz Scaggs and David Paich

--"What Can I Say", written by Boz Scaggs and David Paich, is a pretty, soul song

--Harbor Lights, written by Boz Scaggs, is a gorgeous ballad.

--What Do You Want the Girl to Do is a fun cover of Allain Toussaint’s hit.

--Jump Street is a pop tune written by Boz Scaggs and David Paich. It’s the one song on this album I did not care for so much.

--Love Me tomorrow, written by David Paich, is a fun pop song.

--Georgia, written by Boz Scaggs, is a soulful ballad.

--Lido Shuffle, written by Boz Scaggs and David Paich, is another fun dance tune. I t was also a hit for Skaggs.

--a live version of It's Over

--a live version of What Can I Say

--a live version of Jump Street.

"Lowdown" was the big hit on this Grammy winning pop album. The great thing about this album is that it's one of those rare albums that has more than one good song. I always hated it when I bought a record or cd and it only had one or two good songs on it.

One of the reasons I liked this album, was because it was a nice reprieve from the usual disco that was being played on the radio back in the late seventies.

My favorite songs on this cd, besides Lowdown, are "We're all Alone", "What Can I Say", and "It's Over".

I am glad to see some of the old classic albums of my younger days are now available on cd.

The only thing I would change is to put 3 different songs on this cd, instead of simply putting some live versions of already covered songs on the cd.

You can hear some of these songs on YouTube.