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Silk Drops For Hair Without Sticker Shock

Reviewing: So Silk From Bio Plus Silk Drops 6 Fl Oz  |  Rating:
lyghtekeeper By lyghtekeeper on
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I've spent two years growing back my hair since a life-threatening illness in 2005 so having hair is very dear to my heart - and my head. But I've never been one to spend $15.00 on special hair products or purchase "Salon Only" products because it's not THAT important. But when a friend gave me a sample of BioPlus So Silk Silk Drops I became an instant fan! The first thing I was told was that other companies sell silk drops for over $14.00 for 2 fl oz.

I took home a tiny sample bottle with .5 fl oz and wondered if I would see a difference. By only using the tiniest amount after washing my hair I had the shiniest, silkiest, healthiest hair I'd known in years. The very day several people at work gave me compliments and even store customers asked what I used on my hair. That tiny sample lasted three weeks (that's how smal of an amount is needed) and I immediately purchased a full sized bottle which will probably last over 6 months.

Consider that: 1) my hair looks so good that even my hair dresser is impressed, 2) I don't have to struggle with fly-away or dry looking hair, 3) My color (yes I color my hair) stays longer and looks more natural than ever, and 4) I didn't break the bank for one bottle that will last me half a year makes me a very happy red head,

No matter what your hair type this product will make you and your hair very happy and healthy. The only caution is to NOT use too much or you will find yourself having to rewash your hair. I recommend this for eveyone who washes, colors, blow dries, curls or "chi"s their hair.

Look like a millions bucks without spending it!