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Silky Smooth

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Indian women are known for their long hairs and so for maintaining that hair uses a number of products in their hairs. Amla, Shikakai, Mehendi, etc. are used traditionally by Indian Women from time immemorial. The healthy effects of these natural ingredients boosted a number of companies to go for commercial production of herbal poducts. Beauty Herbal is one of the best known companies who had produced a number of herbal beauty care products to cater to the Indian market and for export. Henna+ Plus is one such Export Quality product which is commanding the Indian Market as well as catering to the demands of exports requirement.


i) Mehendi or Henna: A herb which is extensively used in India and some other Asian countries indigenously for beautification of a bride during weddings, coloring hairs, medicinal use for relieving pain, and lot more.

ii) Amla / Gooseberry: One of the medicinal item and richest source of Vitamin C, minerals and amid acids. Apart from other health benefits, it is extensively used in hairstyle products as hair rejuvenator in the cosmetic industries.

iii) Shikakai: It has conditioning effects on hairs. It strengthens hair roots and promotes luxuriant hair growth.

iv) Brahmi: The herb is used as a nervine tonic to increase memory and alertness and also to get relief from headaches & stress. Incorporation of the product with this herbal mixture is for soothing effect on our skull.

There are added Coffee, which is recently used extensively in the cosmetics industries for a number of benefits and for hair-care products; coffee is thought to protect hair loss. All the ingredients are grinded to powdered form and packed in an air tight polythene pack to protect the quality of the product.


The instructions are written at the back of the greenish paper pack and one could follow those instructions to get the best benefit out off using the product. Let me illustrate the steps of preparations and applications briefly:

Soak the powder (preferably in an iron container) in hot water for at least three hours and the paste is ready for application. At the time of applying the paste, part your hairs to small parcels so that the entire hairs are covered up to the roots. If you desire a conditioning effect only, thoroughly wash your hair with some herbal shampoo after one hour of application. If you desire to get a deeper tint in your hairs, keep as such for three hours or more and then wash. One may add a whipped egg to the mixture for additional protein supplement to the hair roots to make the hairs stronger.


I use this product every fortnightly. For the first time I applied the paste for almost four hours and thereafter I keep them just for an hour or so before rinsing them away. The product has a refreshing smell and even after washing my hairs with shampoo, it continues to remain in my hair roots. The hairs get an extra shine and feel silky and this texture continues to remain for about a fortnight. Maintenance of my hairs does not pose any problem to me and I can feel the difference that has been brought to the texture of my hairs after about 4 applications (in two months or so). For the first time I used the entire pack of 100 grams but now, I don't need the entire pack and a pack can be used twice.


1. No chemicals are used in the product and therefore there is no chance of hair loss or deterioration of the hair quality. Instead, it prevents hair loss.

2. Cheaper.

3. No allergies.

4. Gives an extra look to your hairs.


1. It will stain your hands while applying the paste to your hairs.


1. Ware hand globes while applying the content to your hairs or use a brush for application.

2. Make the paste sticky, not watery, to avoid dripping after application.


I strongly recommend using this product by both the sexes (males & females) for healthy growth of your hairs and preventing hair loss apart from its conditioning effect and the color it provides to your hairs.