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Reviewing: Studio Roller Grip  |  Rating:
By johanne on
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it is probably the most silliest review ever seen but... i must admit it : i love pens, of any kind, textures, tall or very small (i will have to talk to you 'bout one i brought to Cuba, i've had so much comments on it, but that's another story). And when they don't write fluently or stop in the middle of a sentence it drive me mad. Overly. I can't help it, a pen is supposed to write, and nicely, plaisantly if you don't mind. THIS one is a real pleasure to use. I assure you, you would like to have more money in your bank just to write check with it!

Seriously, the ball is not to fat, the ink flows without blurps, it can follow your gesture with grace. You know when you feel for a bit a flourish... That happens to me sometimes.

Its liquid ink, comfortable handler, and colors (not enough for me though) make it, nevertheless, a wonderful buy. And it lasts a long time. But don't put water (tears) over it it, is not a permanent ink, it will blur (but sometimes we need it to pass a message, but that also is nother story).

Highly recommended.