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Silver Biotics...Old School Support...

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I have had a ear infection for over a year now. My ear just doesn't want to pop. Recently my ear became so bad that it felt like I had water in it and there was alot of pressure in my ear. I went to my doctor and he prescribed me anti-biotics. After finishing that round, I still had a ear infection which felt even worse. Another trip to the docs and another co-pay and I came out with another anti-biotic (amoxicilin), and Allegra-D. After this dose, no luck once again.

I started to look online and found a product called Silver Biotics by American Biotech Labs. They claim that silver was used as a addition to the immune system back in the old days. So I found it on GNC for 24.95. They claim that Silver Biotics offers you a natural solution for a healthier you, and works safely and effectively with your immune system.

Basically you take one teaspoon up to 3 times daily for adults and 1/4 to 1/2 teasponn once daily for children according to the package. This is a 10ppm silvber, 8 fluid oz bottle, which they say is a one month supply.

I took this according to the package and my normal meds. My ear has cleared up but still refuses to pop, but the pressure is gone. Was it this natural alternative or my normal meds, I don't know. But all I know is my ear feels about 80% at the moment.

While researching I also found out if someone takes to much silver their skin could turn blue making you look like a smurf. Obvisously you would have to guzzle bottles upon bottles, but that is one thing to remember. Always keep out of childrens hands and follow the directions.