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Sim City Carnival

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ocean By ocean on
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I have always been a fan of EA games in general... but sometimes they are just too much detail, too much thinking, too much strategy... sometimes you just need a fast-paced, mildly brainless game with simple goals.

That is what they have finally achieved with Sim City Carnival.

It's kind of like a mix of regular sim city - with the city-development-related goals - and tetris. Each level, you have a set of simple goals to reach. Development areas drop from the sky and you have to figure out where to place them on the map before they hit the ground, there are disasters such as fires and crimes that you have to combat, and you have to try and keep your citizens happy. However, unlike regular Sim City (in which the games are pretty much never-ending), each level can be completed in 10-20 minutes.

So, if you loved Sim City but no longer have time to sit glued to your screen for days on end - check out Sim City Carnival. You can easily sit down and play through a level when you have spare time, and then walk away, which I found to be absolutely impossible with all of EA's other games.

Oh, and just so you know - I got this game in a box set with Sim City 4, Sim City Societies, Sim City Desitinations, Sim City Carnival and a trial of Spore.