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Similasan Earache Relief: Calms Itching Too

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Gayle Parks By Gayle Parks on
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Because my husband snores so loud I have gotten into the habit of wearing ear plugs most nights. It works well; I sleep, he sleeps and we are both happy but wearing ear plugs most every night does cause some problems one of which is itchy ears. Every morning when I take out the plugs my ears itch something fierce. Sometimes even during the night I am awakened by the itch. I had to find a solution so I decided to try and OTC product called Similasan Earache Relief.

Similasan Earache Relief is a homeopathic product which contains chamomilla, mercurius solubilis and sulphur. These ingredients provide for pain relieve, anti-inflammatory effects and anti-itching components. Of course, if you have a discharge from your ear, severe pain or fever you should consult a doctor but for everyday discomforts such as itching this product works fairly well.

I have found that if I soak an ear swab with the solution and swab the inside of my ears each morning the itch is greatly relieved if not stopped completely. You are suppose to administer one or two drops directly into the ear but I find this hard to do myself and usually have to have my husband do it so swabbing works fine for me. My ears still itch occasionally but Similasan Earache Relief has improved the situation considerably.

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