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Simple Arithmetics Nothing Much

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It is not necessary that everybody will require a scientific calculator. There are a number of professionals who utilizes simple calculators with limited functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, and a memory input. One of the live examples of such users is the bank employees. They need a calculator very frequently to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and to take out percentage sometimes. The Orpat DLE - 1912 is a photo-charging calculator which have limited keys and functions. It has the basic functions which already I had mentioned before, in addition to the numbers 0 (zero) to 9 (nine). The other keys on the calculator includes memory recall, memory plus, memory minus, being placed at the first or topmost rows of the keypad. Next rows of keys include two special functions which I have not mentioned so far and those are root and a key to erase your digit. The erasing function is one of the main input to this Orpat model, and in the middle of some long calculations, if you miss-put some number, than you can delete the number to the desired level for a rewrite. The key works like the back space of a computer keyboard.

The model first I had seen with one of my friend in her house. She is an accountant and she uses the calculator for addition and subtractions of numeric figures which are as large as 6 to 7 digit figures. I had seen her summing up figures and her fingers just dances over the keys. When I asked her how she manages to use the calculator so fast, she replied about the size of the keys on the key pad. When I noticed the keys I was impressed to see little larger keys than the average scientific calculators. As per her version, she loves to use the calculator because of the size of the keys. They are large enough to keep your fingers in the right place as you desire. I had just checked it out and it really felt great. The keys were soft to punch and the results were accurate. It does not hurt the finger tips and displays the result immediately after the calculation is over. As I am a regular review writer, so I enquired each and every fact that may be required to make a review and so I did not forget to ask about the prize and value for money. Her reply was that it was her prized buy.

Cost: Around 120 INR (approximately 2.70 $).

Look: Beautiful.

Complaints: None.

Size: Slim and comfortable.

Weight: Light.

After my interview with my friend, I am in a position to recommend the Orpat DLE - 1912 model of the calculator to those who do not have to perform more complicated calculations.