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Simple, Effective And A Little Odd

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I have a terrible habit of needing to "see" what I'm buying and the Fig Body Scrub for Dry Skin wasn't sealed which bothered me as I've purchased products before that I was disappointed in because I didn't have the opportunity available to check out a sample or tester. This product had me curious as the container is very understated and I'd never heard of this product before. So, it was 3 a.m. and I was one of perhaps 3 customers in the store so I figured for once, I was going to sneak a peak. Opening the canister which is a matte purplish glass with a silver tin top, I wasn't quite prepared for the goop that stared up at me. The product inside was a purplish gray color with a fine sandy grit texture and for some reason I'd been expecting something in a white or even a cream color. Once I got over the initial "ewww" factor though, I looked a little closer at the bottom of the container and the directions for using this product (after I replaced the lid of course ;). The instructions are very simple and to the point. "Apply sparingly to clean, damp skin and massage gently in circular motion then rinse. Do not get near eyes!"

The texture of this Fig, Shea butter and cocoa butter scrub is gritty but the granules are very fine and well spread throughout the product. You don't need a lot of this to do a really great job of exfoliating, especially on your face. After cleaning my face and leaving just enough water on it to consider it "damp", I dipped two fingers into the purple gray cream and applied about a quarter size worth of it to my face. Then I added a little water to the mix and gently began massaging in small circular fashion. The product begins to dry out slightly as you work it over the skin so after adding just a bit more water, it was time to remove it.

I did this with a soft, warm face cloth saturated in water so as not to rub the granules into my skin further. It rinsed off quite well with only 1 or 2 granules remaining when I was finished, which quickly brushed away while drying my face.

How did my skin feel?

Fabulous! Just after applying this my skin was so soft and glowing and quite moisturized. There was no redness or irritation just a very healthy look which I discovered would have been all that was necessary. However, I decided to add a little Bio-Oil and apply that in a Shiatsu massage method over the entire face. Honestly, I think I touched my face about 10 times afterward because I just couldn't get over how incredibly soft and healthy it looked and felt.

Just for the face?

This product is for the entire body - legs, arms, thighs, anywhere you wish to exfoliate and it's great for in the shower because you can easily rinse away the product with little effort. Frequency use for this product is recommended at no more than two times per week.

For a discounted product that at first didn't look all that great - I am glad that I actually decided to spend the $4.50 to try it. It works great, is fast to use and leaves behind a great result! It just goes to show that sometimes the oddest looking thing turns out to be one of the neatest little purchases with a surprising and successful result.