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Simple Green Cleans Great, Smells Good

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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I had never tried Simple Green before, but I’ve used it several times this week at the apartment where I am painting this week, and I like it quite a lot.

The 2 liter bottle of simple green says that it will make 15 gallons of cleaning solution. This is based on the maximum dilution suggested which is 1:30. But you can use Simple Green at anything from full strength down to the maximum dilution. You can even throw some in the laundry for those really nasty loads.

This is an all-purpose cleaner. It is biodegradable, and the bottle is #1 plastic and is recyclable. However it does have a couple of warnings. It says you should not use it on instrument panels, unfinished wood, leather, suede, opals, or pearls.

First of all, as a pure grease cutter, the Pine Sol did a better job. I had to scrape (yes scrape, with a putty knife) the grease off the tops of the kitchen cupboards before there was any hope of washing them. When I got the layer of goo off, I tried both the Simple Green and the Pine Sol for the first pass. The Pine Sol did better.

However, on the linoleum under the refrigerator (who knows how many years since that had been moved), the Simple Green did a better job. See the picture- that is after two swipes with the Simple Green at about 1:10. I was impressed. (Ignore the big brown burn mark)

Surfaces do have to be rinsed after using it, but since it is not sudsy the rinsing is really easy.

I used it to wash all the kitchen walls before painting, and it “melted” away a whole lot of grime that I don’t really want to think about. (The previous renters had to be evicted, and they did not leave things, shall we say, nice.)

Also see before and after pictures of a baseboard washed with about 1:30 dilution.

And the clincher for me is the smell. I don’t like cleaners that smell like fruit or flowers. And Pine-Sol makes me sneeze. But the Simple Green has a clean, antiseptic smell. I can’t quite place the aroma, but I like it a lot.

This was purchased at Ace Hardware for $11.29.

Update On Oct 31, 2008: Well, I wish I could move this up to about a 5.2 ranking! I had to clean the stove yesterday, and you know how old ovens have that baked-on grease on the door window that you can never get off? I used Simple Green full strength, with one of those green fiber scrubbies, and got EVERY BIT of the old grease off. I am absolutely amazed. DO try this at home. I will be buying some Simple Green of my own on my next trip to the store, and am looking forward to a clean oven door!