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Simplicity Lessons

Reviewing: Gallagher Press Author Linda Breen Pierce Simplicity Lessons A 12 Step Guide To Living Simply  |  Rating:
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The past little while has been crazy here. I picked up this book the other day intent upon finally reading through it to see what it was all about. Given to me awhile ago by a dear friend who has knowingly looked upon me at times as a rather "hyper" individual with always something on the go, I looked at the title and thought, "hmmm, trying to tell me something?" Indeed she was. My hectic schedule at times keeps me from just sitting and taking things at a slower pace and as much as I'd often like to, if I do - well, mothers or fathers with teens will understand where I'm coming from - it isn't always possible to have "me time" is it?

This book is basically a 12-step program to living a more simple life - not simpler as in no gadgets or cars or heating our homes via wood fires again, but simpler in that those things you have in your life now are reflected upon and appreciated for what they are and what they provide us and in the exploration, if we discover that there are things we indeed no longer need to hold on to - then yes, we can also make our lives simpler materially - but this book offers much more than that.

Simplicity Lessons runs the gamut from relationships to finances, home to work and includes things like moving abroad, spirituality, caring for the Earth and much more. It is a lessons book in the real sense as at the end of each chapter is a group of things that the author suggests you do and there are a number of Reference materials cited at the end of every chapter for further reading if you choose.

I've not completed all of the lessons within the book and I pick and choose those I wish to do or that pertain more to me but so far, I have learned a great deal about the simplification of life and how it is a lot easier to have the life you truly love if you are just willing to slow down and take the time to analyze what really matters - and what really doesn't. This book walks with you as you explore from within and without, those things in your life that may be keeping you from leading the life you want - and then it guides you to take affirmative action to begin to shape your life as you desire it to be.

There are a lot of really great inspirational quotes throughout this book and there are also a number of worksheets for determining things like your Transportation, home - rent vs buy etc., as well as information should you choose to start a group of your own to foster the Simple living techniques the author offers.

I've enjoyed the quotes in particular, but then I am a person who loves the wisdom of others - this quote by Erich Shiffmann says it all in only a few words "Love is what's left when you let go of everything you don't need." Simplicity Lessons - it shows you all the love you have in your life - and more! A great read and and a great group of practical lessons to help anyone live a simpler yet more fulfilling life in this hectic world.