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Simply Kids Diapers

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My mom went to a baby and toddler trade show and was able to pick up samples of many new products. Amongst those samples was a full pack of baby diapers from Simply Kids. Now I'm a Pampers Swaddlers mom through and through but, since these diapers were going to retail for $5-$6 less than Swaddlers I decided to give them a try. Big mistake!

The packaging is cute with purple and two different shades of blue being the main colours. There is also a piture of a cute baby girl sitting up wearing the diapers. The features advertised on the package are that these diapers have moisture guard, stretch tabs and overnight protection. They also claim to be comfy and absorbent. The Mega diapers size 3 are for babies weighing 16-28 lbs. Sixty diapers come in a pack.

Now the for good and the bad aspects of these diapers.

The good: In my experience these diapers do hold moisture (pee) very well, especially overnight. My son is breastfed and even though he gets up for feedings about two times I only change his diaper once, before I put him down for bed. This diaper must last him all night until I wake up (or he wakes me up) for a morning feeding. These diapers do hold up well overnight.

The bad: These diapers are shaped wierd. They kind of curve in the middle around the legs and get narrow. This is a bad thing as if your baby is active (like mine is) this diaper will tend to go to one side, leaving the other bum cheek partially bare.

Here's where is gets ugly: Having a partially bare bum cheek gets ugly when your baby does a number two. You end up with poop getting on the inside of the baby's clothes and all on his legs - not a pretty sight and smelly too! For this reason I had give this diaper mediocre ratings. Its great to hold number ones but it's shape makes it difficult to properly stay on an active baby's bum.