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Simply Organic Ground Cloves Help Gum Pain

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Simply Organic Ground Cloves

Simply Organic Ground Cloves helped my gum pain and dry mouth. Of course, this product works excellent for cooking as well, but my introduction to Simply Organic Ground Cloves resulted from seeking out an alternative medicine choice for treating gum pain and inflammation. You see, I suffer from Sjogren’s, which is a disease or syndrome that often causes dry mouth which results in gum pain and inflammation.

The way that Simply Organic Ground Cloves helped my dry mouth was through using it as both a tea, and applying the ground coves to my irritated gums. Although cloves in and of themselves will not increase your salivation all that much, the tea is very soothing and direct application of the ground cloves at the gum line offered instant relief from pain. It’s a nice alternative medicine therapy for your mouth.

If you choose to apply Simply Organic Ground Cloves to your gum line the simplest way is to wet your fingers a bit and tap a bit of spilled ground cloves off a spoon. Then gently rub the ground cloves into your gums. You don’t need a lot, so do use it sparingly as the clove oil found in the ground cloves tends to numb whatever area you touch.

Simply Organic Ground Cloves also works well for a tea. All you need to do is steep a teaspoon of the ground cloves in boiling water for three to five minutes. I don’t drink the tea mixture. Instead I swish the tea with the dissolved ground cloves in it around my mouth as a rinse to keep my inflammation down and ease any pain I am experiencing.

This product has a good shelf life, and keeps well. There is no clumping, and there are no yucky fillers like you can find in some over the counter spices. I’ve also used the Simply Organic ground cloves in cookies and pies when I bake. You need about ½ as much as a regular recipe calls for because these cloves are nice and strong and well worth the price.